List of products by brand Gin Mare

A Latin motto is present on the window above the door of the chapel that houses the Gin Mare still and also appears on the bottle:

"Mundus appellatur Caelum, land and sea". The world is the combination of sky, earth and sea.

Even the white and blue reflections of the bottle suggest the synthesis between sea and sky, water and foam.

Gin Mare is produced in the Vilanova I La Geltru distillery, an ancient fishing village located between the Costa Brava and the Costa Dorada, through a

discontinuous distillation process with a 250-liter Florentine still, created specifically for this process.

For maceration, each of the eight botanicals is added individually to 200 liters of neutral grain spirit and water, for 24-48 hours.

The citrus fruits are instead macerated for a year.

The distillation process takes about 4 and a half hours and the spirits obtained are mixed by the Master Distiller to create the typical taste

notes of this gin. Gin Mare is a Mediterranean gin flavored with five main botanicals that recall the Mediterranean culture:

basil from Italy, thyme from Turkey, rosemary from Greece, citrus from Spain and the Arbequina olive, a typical cultivar of Catalonia.

Alongside the classic juniper, coriander and cardamom, these Mediterranean aromas create a gin with the typical scents and

memories of the Mediterranean coasts.

Gin with herbaceous hints that, thanks to its flavors and aromas, is immediately connected to the concept of "Mare Nostrum",

the sea of ​​all the communities that live under the magical influence of the Mediterranean, united by the love for gastronomy,

the climate pleasant and with a lifestyle where time passes differently from the rest of the world.