List of products by brand Corona

The history of the most famous Mexican beer in the world begins in 1925, when its production begins at Cervecería Modelo S.A. Thank you due to its

success in the domestic market starting from the 1970s, it began its export to the United States and to the world until arriving in Italy in 1989.

Today Corona is distributed in more than 180 countries around the world but still maintains its Mexican origins intact, so much so that its label,

unique in the world, represents the sky, the ocean and the shape of the sun setting over it.

Corona has always invited people to disconnect from the daily routine to get closer to nature, spending more time outdoors.

On the other hand Corona was born on the beach, one of the ideal places to find your moment of happiness. However, the perfect place to search for it

is closer than you think. To find your own "corner of paradise" it takes very little, it is not necessary to go long travel to reach exotic destinations but

it is enough to move a few kilometers: whether it is a lake, a beach, a park or a neighborhood near home, the "paradise around the corner" is the

place to find a moment of relaxation every day, capable of reconciling ourselves with everything, alone or with friends.