List of products by brand Mulino Bianco

In 1974, thanks to an idea by Giovanni Maestri, the "Mulino Bianco" brand was born, which in October 1975 came out on the market

with the first production of biscuits, conceived by the English pastry chef George Maxwell, who worked for months in an

experimental line, secretly prepared in an area of ​​the Barilla pasta factory.

The first 5 Mulino Bianco biscuits are born: Tarallucci, Molinetti, Pale, Campagnole and Galletti.

The names chosen, as well as the forms of the biscuits, evoke past times and peasant atmospheres and soon became very

successful. The goodness and naturalness of the product is further underlined by the recipe with genuine ingredients shown on the

side of each bag. People know that if they want, they can reproduce the same goodness at home they buy in stores and this

increases the degree of trust in the brand.